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Disposable biopsy forceps, Uncoated, with Needle, Oval

Products Features

  1. The jaw is made of special high-strength medical class stainless steel, with sharp bite and less bleeding.
  2. The unique process is trimmed, the jaws are highly consistent, and the tissue is obtained more fully.
  3. Ergonomic handle design, comfortable and convenient for operation, with stronger controllability
  4. The specifications and models are various, coated/uncoated; oval cup/alligator cup; with needle/without needle, meeting various clinical requirements.


Model Diameter of jaws(mm) Working Length (mm)
LWS-B-23X1600 2.3 1600
LWS-B-23X1800 2.3 1800
LWS-B-23X2300 2.3 2300