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VET-9100HD Endoscopic Image Processing Centre (Advanced Model)


  • Endo Camera & LED Light Source Combo Design, Easy for Installation & Operation, Less Space Requested;
  • 2 Mega Pixel HD image, More Details Could Be Showed;
  • Picture & Video Recording Function Available;
  • Compatible to Video Gastroscope, Colonoscope, Rigid Endoscope of Different Applications;


  • Workstation Software
* Storage, Transmission for HD Picture & Video
* Case Report Printing


Item Parameters
Image Output DVI/HDMI
White Balance Automatic
Cold Light LED-80W
Air Pump Pressure 0.06 Mpa
Air 7.5L/min, H/M/L Adjustable
Life of Service 20000 Hrs
Picture & Video HD Image Available
Memory TF Card 64G